Family Bonding Through LED Art Installation

Over the recent holiday season I decided to try working on a project together with my family. I proposed the medium of LED light animation and started talking with Pegs (my mom) about it. What we ended up with looks pretty cool! It is made from some LED strips in the shape of a star.


Mountains in Space

My most recent musical project is a collaboration with Luke Dahl called Mountains in Space.

Feel free to take a listen on our SoundCloud page.


Event Handler Gotcha with Backbone.js

I just fixed a bug in the Backbone.js related portion of my application. The issue was specific enough to Backbone.js that I’d like to document it here as a warning to tread carefully in complex-applications written in JavaScript land.

Has one of your event callbacks seemingly stopped being called when it should be? Perhaps it is a related issue.


Summer 2013 Set

This is a performance of the music I have been working on throughout the summer. I performed a very similar set in center camp at burning man this year. All of the sounds were created from scratch.

Colin’s Summer 2013 Set


Henry Cowell's Joys of Noise

A wonderfully foreshadowing quote by Cowell.

Although existing in all music, the noise-element has been to music as sex to humanity, essential to its existence, but impolite to mention, something to be cloaked by ignorance and silence. Hence the use of noise in music has been largely unconscious and undiscussed. Perhaps this is why it has not been developed, like the more talked-of elements, such as harmony and melody. The use of noise in most music today is little beyond the primitive; in fact, it is behind most native music, where the banality of the thumps often heard in our concerts would not be tolerated.


Dore Changes Party Set

I performed at a party we held to celebrate changes happening among many friends at one of my favorite spots in San Francisco with wonderful people! Here is a recording of the set:

Colin’s Dore “Changes” Party Set