Colin Sullivan

[ Demo ]

This past summer I spent a good amount of time editing and mixing my band's demo which is finally available for all to hear. For anyone who doesn't know, our band is called [ ]. We like to think of it as a symbol that can be pronounced "aptronym".

Here is one of our songs, entitled "Funk Train":

Funk Train

All songs can be downloaded and heard at

As most of you probably know, this is the band I have been waiting to work with for some time. I've been waiting to find people who are passionate about the same types of things in music that I am. In general, I'd say [ ]'s most basic criteria for a song is one that requires thought to listen to, and I hope that is apparent from the demo.

Unfortunately we didn't consider the characters that Google excludes from searches when we came up with the name, so hopefully just about everywhere you will see "[ ]", you will also see "".

It was hard for us to release these songs in their current state because we would like them to be more perfect, but it helped to remind ourselves often that this is just a [ demo ]. I hope you enjoy the songs as much as we do, you can listen to them and download them for free at:

See you at the shows, sign up for updates on if you are interested.