Colin Sullivan

Algorithmic Composition with the Fibonacci Sequence

Here is my recent work on this piece, I hope you enjoy listening to it and reading about my process. There are many aspects that I would like to explore in the future but these are my findings thus far.

I find the significance of the Fibonacci number sequence in nature, art, and mathematics very interesting. For some time I have been thinking about how this pattern can be applied to music and have been developing my own musical composition that is algorithmically based on the Fibonacci sequence.

The composition as it stands currently. Please enjoy, and feel free to download if you would like.

Algorithmic Composition
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An Exploration of Algorithmic Composition via the Fibonacci Sequence (.pdf) A brief exploration of the history and theory behind algorithmic music composition and a discussion of the details of my own composition where I utilized the Fibonacci sequence.

An Exploration of Algorithmic Composition: Technical Details (.pdf) In this short paper I discuss the various technologies I have used in the development of this piece and how each of these tools helped with the development of the composition.