Colin Sullivan

Kenyon Finally Launches!

My Symfony project is finally complete. I cannot take credit for the design, but I am quite proud of how the backend came out. Of course, all of the coolness is stuff the general public cannot see. Symfony worked out quite well, I would certainly use it again if I had to do a PHP project in the future. Integrating the site with Paypal's Payflow Link service was very easy as well. They give you many options for testing, and the service is very well documented. The only problem I couldn't figure out how to get around is this JavaScript alert that is thrown every time a user completes a purchase, warning them that their data is being sent insecurely back to the merchant's site. This is not a very helpful error in my opinion, as they are not sending any credit card information and it will undoubtedly just scare users. Overall, the service works quite well.