Colin Sullivan


Every New Year's Day, many of my family and friends gather to play bingo, eat and drink (like the good italians we are). In recent years there have been too many people in the house to hear what numbers have been called so I decided to take this opportunity to learn some new web technologies. :)

The application I've developed is published at It allows for anyone to set up a bingo board and to use a web browser to "call" the numbers, while other web browsers are watching the board.

We used this at my family's party this past New Year's and it worked out quite well. I connected a computer to the television in the living room and set up a laptop in the dining room which both displayed the board of numbers in the browser window. My father, who enjoys calling the bingo numbers, used a small laptop to click on the numbers as he called them.

The software is running on Google's App Engine, which allows for immediate scalability should the Bingo Association of Great Britain start using it or something. It is written using Django, in particular, django-nonrel which allows for the Django application to be run on GAE. On top of Django is django-tastypie, which creates a REST interface for the application. On the frontend, I am using Backbone.js (my new love), and CSS3. You can read more about the CSS3 techniques that I experimented with for this application here.

There are some issues with the software that I hope to resolve before next year, if you are interested in the project it is hosted on GitHub: