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Touch UI to Generative Music Sequencer in SuperCollider

There are many ways to incorporate generative music into electronic music performance. Since 2012 I have explored methods of integrating SuperCollider instruments into a Ableton Live set. This most recent development is a touch-screen UI built with modern web technologies, controlling SuperCollider patches through a Node.js server (running inside an Electron app). By using experimental Ableton Link support not yet released in SuperCollider, I can synchronize the clocks of rhythmic generative patches from SuperCollider with sounds in an Ableton Live set.


This work stems from SuperCollider instruments I created while playing as myself and as Mountains in Space. Since then I have been focusing on interactive installations which contain generative music systems. From this has emerged some JavaScript frameworks for communicating with SuperCollider.

JavaScript & SuperCollider

I have broken the JS <-> SuperCollider bridge into a few components:

  • supercollider-redux: A Redux-like interface to a "replica" state store in SuperCollider. Dispatched actions go up to a Node.js process where the reducers are presumed to be written, subsequent state changes are propagated down to the replica store in SuperCollider. This architecture was first documented as part of the Transdimensional Audio Workstation. The architecture continues to live on in this project and in Out of This World Advice.
  • awakening-sequencers: A library to leverage supercollider-redux to start and stop patches in SuperCollider that are (in SuperCollider terms) event-generating, allowing the events to be captured and dispatched back up to the Node.js process. This is helpful for visualizing a sequencer's state on LEDs or on a GUI. For the performance environment project, this library is largely used to manipulate parameters of the SuperCollider instruments from within a web-based GUI application.

The Interface

The interface is two-fold, one is rendered in the main window of the Electron app when it opens. This window is meant to be a "debug" interface.

debug interface (desktop)

debug interface (desktop)

The second is a web-based touch screen interface served by the Electron app as a web page. This is intended to be the main performance interface.

performance interface (touch)

performance interface (touch)

Pan Gesture

On some parameters I am trying a "pan" gesture, where the parameter can be grabbed and "panned" up or down, and additionally a value may be selected directly.

pan to change parameter

pan to change parameter

Generative Sequencer Functionality

The sequencer has some straightforward controls such as the duration of each event and the duration of each note within the event duration ("legato").

The notes are played in the same order they are selected, so unlike an arpeggiator, the order of notes played in these sequencers can be modified by removing notes and re-adding them in a different order.

The euclidean control modifies the rhythm of the sequence independently of the notes.

Generative Sequencer Implementation

The state of these parameters are saved in the Node.js process, forwarded down to the SuperCollider "replica" store, then the SuperCollider sequencer makes use of them to render the actual stream of notes.

To see an example, check out the SynkopaterOutboardSequencer SuperCollider class that uses the Bjorklund2 class from the Bjorklund SuperCollider Quark.

On the React / Redux side, check out the EuclideanTouchControl React component that uses a Canvas and the PIXI.js library in the EuclideanVisualizerRenderer component to render the Euclidean diagram (with the help of a bjorklund-js npm module).

Routing Setup

Currently I am routing everything through Ableton Live and playing with two generative sequencers each feeding an analog synth with a separate delay line. The length of the delay is always a factor of the sequencer's event length.

routing overview

routing overview


Here is a demo. Enjoy and please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to chat generative music, SuperCollider, JavaScript, or any of their intersection.

Generative Sequencer Performance Touch UI Demo

Source Code