Colin Sullivan


Austin, TX & San Jose, CA

Summer 2010

In the summer of 2010, I worked for IBM1 with an Extreme Blue2 team on an end-to-end solution to enhance Emerging Internet Technology's "BigSheets"3. I spent most of my time developing a JavaScript application for geographical "big-data" visualization. I have written more about my unique Extreme Blue experience here

  • Developed HTML5 interface for visualizing geographic data utilizing the RaphaelJS SVG library
  • Architected and implemented JavaScript class structure for data visualization
  • Integrated heavily with Google Maps API
  • Integrated with IBM software via REST interface and Dojo classes
  • Pitched project to numerous IBM executives including CEO Sam Palmisano
  • Pitched and presented project at two IBM expos to numerous technical/non-technical employees

August 2011

In the summer of 2011, I joined IBM again for a short project exploring HTML5 mobile application development using PhoneGap.

  • Architected and developed a prototype mobile application using HTML5 standards and PhoneGap4
  • Researched stability of various HTML5 mobile features given IBM's desired feature set
  • Provided detailed presentation and report on technologies to guide IBM's Information Management mobile strategy