Colin Sullivan


Interactive musical installation. Magnetic pucks are physically moved to interact with a musical sequencer. Musical events are visualized with projection.

Projections are generated with an Electron app with PixiJS to render animated sprites. Generative audio system built in SuperCollider. Central state store and coordinator in Node.js with Redux.

Transdimensional Audio Workstation

Interactive musical installation with LED rings, knobs, and a button.

Hardware is composed of a Raspberry Pi, Fadecandy, and Arduino. Software stack is built using SuperCollider and Node.js. State is shared between Node.js and SuperCollider with a Redux-style interface.

Transdimensional Audio Workstation Interaction Demo

Bells Atlas Hyperlust

Web based promotional webpage for an EP by the musical group Bells Atlas. Upon signing up fans are given a random song from the EP.

Built with Javascript frontend using Matter.js for physics-based interaction and CSS3 animations. Backend is Node.js deployed to Heroku integrating MailGun.

Hyperlust Web Experience


Musical arrangement experience in web browser. Circles represent sounds, sequences are chained together by arranging touching circles. All circles touching outer rim are triggered together.

Built with JavaScript using PixiJS to animate sprites and on top of a Meteor.js backend.

Sonarc UI Demo

Seas of the Subconscious Soundscape

Generative soundscape for immersive theater exhibit at the All Worlds Fair event in the basement of the San Francisco Mint building.

Generative sound engine built with SuperCollider. Sounds from various sources and modified with Ableton Live.

Sounds of the subconscious seas.
Apple Lossless .m4a .mp3.ogg


Abstract iPad music making experience. Rhythms and melodies are created in a 2D physics-based environment by arranging blocks to bounce shooting balls. Balls portal to a second iPad at the same rhythm as they enter, hints at a collaborative rube-goldberg machine.

UI built in C++ & Objective-C using OpenGL. Sound engine build in C++ using rtaudio. Node.js websocket server.

tulpasynth Presentation Snippet


A web-based bingo board for displaying status and modifying called numbers. Motivated by family bingo tradition.

Built with a Django backend and backbone.js frontend. CSS3 animations. Deployed on Google App Engine.

Bingo Marker CSS3 Animation


Concert: a web-based audio collaboration tool.

Focus use case: musicians collecting long live recordings then collaboratively organizing.

Built via a Django, REST API and backbone.js frontend.

Concert UI

Concert UI