Colin Sullivan

Cycliptic: A Flower It Will Become

Music release. Bass guitar, synths, production.

Audio Developers Conference 2023 Talk

Conference talk from ADC 23 discusses software engineering techniques and architecture for building a web interface on a C++ audio application

ADC 2023 talk

Touch UI to Generative Music Sequencer in SuperCollider

Explorations integrating SuperCollider instruments into a Ableton Live set. A web-based touch-screen UI controls SuperCollider patches through a Node.js server (running inside an Electron app). Tempo clock is synced from SuperCollider to Ableton Live using Ableton Link.

Generative Sequencer Performance Touch UI Demo

LED Wall Prototype

A prototype of an interactive LED wall experience.

An LED wall allowing participants to paint gestures on a touchscreen.

Prototype Demo

Transdimensional Audio Workstation

The Transdimensional Audio Workstation is an interactive musical experience. The machine allows one to tune into another dimension in order to send a musical communication to one’s self. After sending the music, any transdimensional response will be interpreted and played back automatically.

Transdimensional Audio Workstation demonstration (response removed for privacy reasons)

Family Bonding Through LED Art Installation

Over the recent holiday season I decided to try working on a project together with my family. I proposed the medium of LED light animation and started talking with Pegs (my mom) about it. What we ended up with looks pretty cool! It is made from some LED strips in the shape of a star.

Sounds of the Subconscious Seas

The "All Worlds Fair" took place in San Francisco at the beautiful old mint building. It was quite a delightful gathering of people and showcased some art and performances that I found quite amazing.

I built a soundscape for the "Seas of the Subconscious" experience that took place in the basement. It sounded pretty sweet in that steel-walled room.

The soundscape is generative, so I could render out 3 minutes or 5 hours if I needed. Here is a short sample:

Sounds of the subconscious seas.
.aif Apple Lossless .m4a .flac .mp3.ogg

It is written entirely in SuperCollider so I now have the start of a framework for developing soundscapes in the way that I like to think about them. It is open source:

Jnana (Generative Ableton Live Plugin)

"Jnana" is an algorithmic accompaniment system integrated into Ableton Live. It can analyze MIDI input and generate melodic and rhythmic material in a similar style.

Demo of Jnana v0.1

tulpasynth v0.2

"tulpasynth" is a prototype real-time collaborative music creation system that takes advantage of touchscreen gestures for a tangible, responsive UI. It has been generally well-received when I have shown it at CCRMA events and at the 2011 bay area Maker Faire.

tulpasynth screenshot

tulpasynth screenshot

Homebrew soundscape

For this assignment, I gathered a few recordings and created a short musical statement by manipulating the sounds in ChucK. The rhythmic variation is created with first-order Markov Chains, and the string-like sounds are created by feeding a recording into a Karplus Strong algorithm.

Music created from sounds I recorded then manipulated.
Apple Lossless .m4a .flac .mp3.ogg


Here is a "musical statement" I created while working on a homework assignment. The assignment was to experiment with FM synthesis by building some timbres and submitting them along with a musical statement.

Sounds I created with FM synthesis.
Apple Lossless .m4a .flac .mp3.ogg


"KnacK" is a music compositon framework for ChucK.

The basic idea of the framework is to provide some conventions for making compositional code modular and reusable. There are some other features that I am interested in developing further as well such as a MVC-like interaction between raw "aesthetic data" and the instruments/performers in a musical piece.

entities and relationships in the KnacK framework

entities and relationships in the KnacK framework


"tulpasynth" is a real-time collaborative music creation system.

It is a collaborative web-based application for creating music with others by manipulating simple shapes in the web browser.

Activist Montage

Below is an audio montage/narrative-like soundscape that I have created from various clips of NPR interviewees and reporters. It was originally developed for a 4-channel audio system, but below is the binaural stereo mix. Audio was generated using ChucK. End result and source code can be found below. Hope you enjoy.

NOTE: Unlike most content on this site, this audio is NOT licensed as Creative Commons. The content is copyrighted by NPR.

Too Big to Fail
Apple Lossless .m4a .flac .mp3.ogg.wav

NOTE: Source code is licensed MIT.
Download source code


Every New Year's Day, many of my family and friends gather to play bingo. In recent years there have been too many people in the house to hear what numbers have been called.

Algorithmic Composition with the Fibonacci Sequence

I find the significance of the Fibonacci number sequence in nature, art, and mathematics very interesting. For some time I have been thinking about how this pattern can be applied to music and have been developing my own musical composition that is algorithmically based on the Fibonacci sequence.

The composition as it stands currently. Please enjoy, and feel free to download if you would like.

Algorithmic Composition
Apple Lossless .m4a .mp3.ogg

Algorithmic Jams

While working on my Fibonacci piece (mentioned here), some interesting results pop up now and then. These riffs were algorithmically generated, written in JavaScript and Max/MSP, and are based on the Fibonacci numbers in multiple ways.

Fibbass 2011

Last year I developed a short composition based on the Fibonacci numbers in which various accompaniments were generated algorithmically, you can listen to it here.

This semester, I am working with Prof. Curtis Bahn in a much greater capacity, and will be hopefully be developing this idea into the composition that I have always wanted it to be.

Fibbass 2010

Here is the result of this semester's work on my Fibonacci composition:

Apple Lossless .m4a .mp3.ogg

If you are interested in my process, please feel free to read my final report below, or email me.


Concert is an online collaborative organizational tool for sounds. I am developing Concert as part of Software Design and Documentation class here at RPI. See our wiki for more information.

Fibonacci Composition

This semester, for "Interactive Arts Programming" class, I will be making an interactive composition based on the Fibonacci sequence. The piece will involve me playing the bass line of my composition, while a computer takes my performance as input and generates algorithmically determined accompaniments.

Times Square New Years 2010 Pyrotechnics

This past new years, I continued work for a pyrotechnics entertainment company, this time at Times Square, programming and operating the digital firing system to fire all of the pyrotechnics underneath the ball.

Bass Distortion with ChucK

This semester I have been pursuing an independent study in DSP Programming for Music/Audio Applications. For my final project, I will be designing an Overdrive/Distortion effect that is customized for the sound of my bass.